Volunteer Story

Amy Shen

Two years ago, Amy Shen got an idea. 

Amy had done plenty of volunteering in Taiwan, and feeling like she was stable in her new job, she was hoping to do more in her new home, Calgary.  “I always felt blessed, and gained a lot in return when I gave back – personally, I feel great giving back.”

Amy was working in a hair salon where the owner invited various foster families and children from group homes to come to the salon for complimentary haircuts.  Amy was inspired, and decided she could help even more.

To save the staff and families the steps of having to go to the mall, Amy decided to take her skills to where the youth lived. “Sometimes it’s hard getting everyone together to go to the mall – maybe there’s no car or you have to take the bus, some are too nervous to go in public,” Amy says.

The cost of bus fare, as well as a haircut, prevents some youth from paying attention to their locks!

So, Amy went to Google and discovered Wood’s Homes and her idea took roots! Two years later, Amy’s personal and work schedule is a little more busy, but she still comes by when needed, cutting hair for  youth who live either on the Bowness or Parkdale campus. 

“Haircuts are a necessity, so good for your self-esteem, so important for everyone to feel wonderful.  Image is everything!” 

We are grateful for Amy’s ongoing support, for sharing her heart, her skills, and her scissors!