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Wood’s Homes provides a continuum of services from the least intrusive to intensive residential treatment. Our client demographic varies from newborns to young adults (18+).

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Eastside Family Centre

Eastside Family Centre offers free, walk-in counselling services in Calgary’s Northgate Mall.  This service, started in 1989, was the first of its kind in Canada.  It has been replicated by other social service agencies across the country. It provides a community-based, single-session model of mental health service delivery is affordable, accessible and immediate.

Stories about our clients-

Client learns to use humour to entertain the voices!

Carmen lives with schizophrenia.  She has been returning to Eastside periodically over the past two years when the voices she hears are louder and more menacing or when her psychiatrist is away.

Carmen recently came to see a therapist for both of those reasons.  She was generous in agreeing to see the therapist with a two-way mirror so that a new student could observe the session saying: “I would do anything to help new counsellors learn what it is like to live with a mental illness.”

Carmen described how she has learned to successfully manage the voices in her head over the years – talking to them — even entertaining them so they are distracted.  She asked for any other ideas the therapist or the consulting team had in order to continue living successfully with the voices.

Given her success with entertaining the voices over the years, it was suggested that she do some research about what makes a good comedian.  It was believed that she could add to her entertainment skills so that the voices do not become bored.  Carmen thought the idea was very interesting and she would look into it.  The new student stated that she would remember this session for a very long time as the team worked in concert with Carmen, accepting her ideas, relieving her distress, and potentially developing an interesting new internal resource for her.

Therapists instil confidence in new family structure

The team at Eastside was recently asked to conduct focused counselling with two children who were in care with their maternal grandparents. 

The family was working with staff at our Family Support Network program with in Forest Lawn.  The goal was to work through their experience which brought them into care, and to share the problems they were feeling about living in their grandparents’ home.

One therapist saw ‘Eddie’ who found it difficult to talk, so he used some art and crafts activities to explore Eddie’s thoughts and feelings.  By the end of the six sessions, Eddie could not stop sharing his ideas with the therapist!

Another therapist explored the experiences of Eddie’s oldest sister, ‘Beth’, as she tried to be the parent to four younger siblings when she lived with her parents. 

By the end of six sessions, Beth had made some sense of her experiences and why it was so difficult for her to accept her grandparents’ structure and rules. 

The Eastside therapists requested and were granted four additional therapy sessions to bring together the grandparents and their grandchildren.  The grandparents expressed their hope for the future of the family as well as their worries for the children who shared that they loved being in their grandparents’ home and wanted this new family to stay together.

After the sessions were complete, the family left feeling more confident and happy saying that they would return for a walk-in family session if they needed a boost in the future.