Research Chair in Children's Mental Health

A few years back, Wood’s Homes had a dream!

That dream was to launch a one-of-a-kind Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health.

With the next century of services at our doorstep, it appears Wood’s Homes is now slowly realizing this dream.   As of this writing (September, 2014) we are pleased to announce that recruitment for the Chair will begin in the Fall of 2014, with the selection process starting in January, 2015.

The goals of the Chair are:

  1. To enhance the existing body of practical and applicable knowledge in the children’s mental health field.
  2. To develop new, innovative and evidence-based interventions that will further help children and their families with the far-reaching effects of mental illnesses of all types.

By achieving these goals, we will create longer lasting interventions for all those working in the field of children’s mental health and especially improve care for children and their families.

The Chair will be unique in two fundamental ways:

  1. Situating the Chair in a Faculty of Social Work in partnership with Wood’s Homes bridges academic research and education with service delivery.
  2. The Chair will lead research that focuses on practice – combining theory and testing with action and intervention. This work will lead to new strategies that improve overall outcomes and can be shared with the community.

This Chair is so important to the entire children’s mental health community, parents and/or caregivers. The community at large will also benefit by:

  1. Having access to information about Best Practices in addressing children’s mental health.
  2. Learning about research practices and outcome measures.
  3. Sharing results and experiences with policy-makers and other agencies, academic institutions and the general public at the provincial and national level.
  4. Offering families and caregivers the opportunity to learn new skills that can be implemented with children to enhance relationships and communication.