Congratulatory Messages

Buckingham Palace

Dear Dr. Matheson,

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter in which you say that Wood’s Homes is celebrating its Centenary in 2014 and you ask for a message from Her Majesty to mark this occasion.

Although it is not possible to grant your wish for a personal message, The Queen was most interested to hear about this special milestone in the life of one of the oldest charities in Alberta, and sends her congratulations and good wishes to you, and to all the staff and children at Wood’s Homes.

Her Majesty was pleased to know of the successful evolution of your organization and its shelters, from such humble beginnings, and hopes that you will all enjoy the forthcoming Centenary celebrations.

The Queen greatly appreciated the good wishes you have conveyed to Her Majesty and her family, and I am to thank you once again for your thoughtful letter.

7th December, 2012
Yours Sincerely,
Annabel Whitehead

The Government of Canada

I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone marking the 100th anniversary of Wood’s Homes.

This special milestone offers an ideal opportunity to reflect on the history of your institution and its many accomplishments over the past century. In 1914, the Reverend George Wood first started taking in children whose parents were either deceased or financially unable to care for them. His remarkable legacy lives on in Wood’s Homes, which provides a broad range of programs for at-risk children and their families.

I would like to commend the staff and volunteers of Wood’s Homes for their hard work, dedication, and compassion. You may be certain that your efforts to provide vulnerable children with the tools they need to be happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives are deeply appreciated.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my sincere congratulations for your long history of service and my best wishes for every success in the future.

– Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ottawa, 2014

The Governor General

I am pleased to extend sincere congratulations to the members and volunteers of Wood’s Homes as you gather to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Canadians are known throughout the world for their compassionate efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. As a country, we would not have this reputation without the tireless work of people like you who have committed themselves to making their community a better place.

All those involved in building this organization into what it has become today deserve to be recognized for their skills and dedication; your generosity, both of time and heart, is truly remarkable. Let this occasion be an opportunity to recognize the values of service, humility and friendship that you so frequently demonstrate and to which we all aspire.

I wish you a most enjoyable celebration as you mark this momentous milestone.

– David Johnston, January 2014


Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

In recognition of the organization’s 100 years of outstanding service, dedication and commitment to the Province of Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your contributions along with best wishes for continued success.

– Donald S. Ethell, June, 2014


The Premier of Alberta

Click here to view Message from Honourable Jim Prentice, Premier of Alberta.


Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Congratulations and sincere best wishes to Wood’s Homes upon the occasion of the 100th Anniversary.

– Danielle Smith, MLA
Leader of the Official Opposition
September 2014

The City of Calgary

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is pleased to provide a message of congratulations by video: Click here to view.