Family-Centred Care

What exactly is Family-Centred Care at Wood’s Homes?

Wood’s Homes programs have always been committed to putting the voices of families first. As a result, we work with children, youth and families using a purposeful family-centred care (FCC) approach.

Family-centred care refers to a viewpoint about families, which in turn defines the relationships we have with them - Learn more

Family-centred care:

Taking a family-centred approach means that opinions of each family member are always sought and these ideas are used to improve interventions, program design and in some cases, policy. In a family-centred approach, families are active participants and decision-makers in the selection of services for themselves and their children, as well as in the development of procedures, processes and ultimately, an evaluation of these services

Wood’s Homes offers 35+ different types of programs. Each of these programs offers a particular type of service for a child, an adolescent, a young adult, a family or an adult.  Each program is funded and legislated by a variety of different bodies – all of whom have different expectations and often philosophies for service for a child or young person and requirements (or not) for connection with family members. In some cases, honouring the above demands is difficult and requires the staff to be creative and employ the power of influence.

Wood’s Homes programs use the above principles of family-centred care as a foundation for program development and each interaction with a child or young person and his/her family members. What this means is that therapists, front-line workers, managers, teachers and others consult with all family members about what they think works and what they can and are willing to do about the challenges they face. All Wood’s Homes programs and personnel will create specific plans and actions that are family-centred care oriented while at the same time attending to the requirements of funders and professional bodies.

Wood’s Homes also defines ‘family’ in a whole variety of ways — traditional and non-traditional, biologically connected or not – always searching for the child’s and parent’s meaning of family and family member.

Wood’s Homes takes the standpoint that all people have families and they need to be positively connected to them and their roots in some way, shape or form.

Inherent in the Family-Centred Care model is the belief that the most effective approach to ensuring the safety of a child or young person and encouraging permanency and well-being is to provide services that engage, involve, strengthen, and support all family members – whether they be near or far.

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